Colorful outdoor enclosures in the Dutch polder

Stainless steel and aluminum outdoor enclosures

Staka develops and sells stainless steel and aluminum outdoor cabinets in Europe. We have a wide product range containing various type models outside cabinets suitable for all applications.

The range consists of stainless steel outer cabinets, aluminum outdoor cabinets, 19 inch cabinets, break-resistant, double closets, stainless steel columns with or without foundation and in addition to this standard product is customized outdoor cabinets also possible.

Colorful outdoor enclosures

For the deep-lying polders Northeast, Eastern and Southern Flevoland keep dry fill the ground of the water an important task. To ensure that this ground continue to function optimally Staka supplies various outdoor cabinets.
These outdoor units are easily recognizable by color choice of the water board. Outdoor Cabinets Staka for use of enclosures in the polder

Configurator for outdoor cabinets

All our cabinets can also be found in our online configurator. Within 1 minute walk you step by step through our production process. The housing, coating and exterior, climate control, burglar alarms and all accessories out of your closet and build in our configurator.

Within a minute you will have a custom quote for your outdoor enclosure in your mailbox.

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