Public space is something that belongs to all of us. We all want it to be a place we can relax in, and feeling safe is an important part of that. The systems that help give us this feeling of safety are all around us, from CCTV to automatic barrier gates. And of course, all these systems have to function reliably no matter what the conditions. They can only do this with a high-quality installation box. Staka makes solid and reliable installation boxes in stainless steel to protect these systems so they can offer safe and trouble-free functionality around the clock.

Staka cabinets and boxes are available in all shapes and sizes, with single or double walls, standard dimensions or custom sizes, hinged or detachable doors, one or more compartments, and with or without forced air cooling. Are you looking for a very specific installation box? If our standard products can't do the job, Staka can build the one that will meet your needs. Just one, or a whole production run. Whatever your need, Staka will design and produce an innovative and efficient product that will surpass your expectations. The possibilities are endless!

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