Public lighting

Public lighting refers to the lighting of streets, roads, and squares: street lights in public areas. Municipalities are individually responsible for maintaining the streets and roads under their jurisdiction, and for reasons of traffic safety this includes the maintenance of public lighting. Public lighting also plays an increasing role in personal safety. In today's rapidly developing society, there are a number of aspects to consider in relation to public lighting, including energy savings, sustainability, ease of maintenance, and suitability in the landscape or surroundings.

In the Netherlands, approximately 1.5% of electrical energy produced is used for public lighting. This shows the important role that public lighting plays in today's society. Lighting helps people find their way while making them feel safe, and gives neighbourhoods, streets, car parks, and business parks the look and atmosphere they need to fulfil their function.

A power outage can cause public lighting to go out in entire residential areas, creating an undesirable and unsafe situation. That's why it's so important to protect the systems behind public lighting to the maximum possible extent. Staka makes stainless steel housing boxes for maximum protection, so the systems in them can offer safe and trouble-free functionality around the clock.

Our installation boxes and columns are the most frequently used housing equipment in the Netherlands in the field of public lighting. Would you like to know how Staka can support you in improving your product quality? Feel free to contact our adviser Richard Esendam, our expert in the field of public lighting.


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