Introducing new outdoor enclosures

We are proud to present our new outdoor enclosures. Both our A-series and our R-series have undergone a facelift providing them with additional functionality, more options, and a more modern design. The main differences compared to the old models are:

  • A new design
  • Available in IP43 and IP55
  • Available in two depths (350 or 500 mm)
  • A simple standard hoist that can hold a heavier weight
  • Attachment points for standard rails on the side wall resulting in reduced installation time
  • Attachment points for C-rails into the foundation (for example strain relief)
  • Several locking systems available as standard
  • Several covers available as standard
  • Several dimensions available

The new enclosures can also be supplied in the design of the old enclosures. This means that the new functionality of the enclosure is available with the same appearance as the enclosures supplied in the past.
The new outdoor enclosures are equipped with a new Staka euro profile cylinder. The key of this cylinder is the same as for the new Staka screw cylinder. The current cylinder types (such as the BC-1374) of course remain available as standard. The new mounting enclosures result in more quality and flexibility for you.

If you have any questions about the upcoming changes or would like additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.