Water management

Did you know that the majority of the Earth's surface is covered by water? Did you know that groundwater can take an entire human lifespan to move one kilometre? Did you know that bottled water is approximately 1000 times more expensive than tap water, even though Dutch tap water is of comparable quality to bottled water? Did you know that around the world, 200 children die each hour due to poor water quality? Did you know that the municipalities in the Netherlands manage more than 100,000 km of sewer systems?

Water: We love to drink and swim in it, it is necessary for producing food, it is a source of energy, and it is a means of travel. But at the same time it is also a threat - sometimes there is too much water and sometimes there is too little. Water management focuses on several questions. How can we transport water to where we want it? How can we clean water? And how do we deal with waste water? Now, more than ever, changes in climate and environment are demanding innovative solutions to prevent flooding and ensure that our infrastructure continues to function at the high standard we depend on.

That's why Staka produces outdoor boxes that fulfil the highest requirements in the field of water management, like climate control and vandalism resistance. Our boxes can be produced in any desired shape and size. There is no more solid product available for the safe housing of the equipment responsible for proper sewerage and infrastructure. And inside these outdoor equipment boxes, a whole world lies hidden. Sewer pump engines are driven and excess water gets where it needs to go quickly and effectively. Tell us your needs and we'll show you a durable and innovative product with a rock-solid price/quality ratio!

Our installation boxes and columns are the most frequently used housing equipment in the Netherlands in the field of water management. Would you like to know how Staka can support you in improving your product quality? Feel free to contact our adviser Menko Drost, our expert in the field of water management.

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