Communication technology is becoming increasingly important in how we function in society. New media and the various means of communication lend themselves to rapid, interactive contact that is not limited by location or time. The opportunities also come with consequences for how people interact with each other - at home, on the street, in neighbourhoods, and at work.

Some scientists claim that new media is changing how we relate to each other in society. Other scientists are of the opinion that developments in human communication only strengthen existing relationships and inequalities. In short, we are increasingly living in an information society. Telephony, internet, and digital television: We expect it all to function without a hitch day and night. Staka produces switchboxes that ensure these electronic processes run smoothly and safely.

Our outdoor boxes provide the requisite protection in all circumstances. Whether you need a small column for a telephone line or a 19-inch box to protect various internet modules, our many years of experience enable us to offer the right solution for any situation.

Are you looking for a very specific installation box? If our standard products can't do the job, Staka can also develop custom outdoor boxes, singly or as an entire production run. Whatever your wishes, Staka will design and produce an innovative and efficient product that will surpass your expectations. The possibilities are endless!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Menko Drost, our expert in the communications segment.


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