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Check out the frequently asked questions about the Staka Outdoor enclosures.
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Where the enclosures are applied?

Staka develops and sells stainless steel and aluminum outdoor cabinets throughout Europe. We have a wide product range containing various type models outside enclosures, suitable for all kinds of applications.

Common applications include:

• Water
In the Netherlands, water is very important and sensitive and expensive equipment is required for this management, which must be kept safe. Our outdoor enclosuresare of high quality and guarantee a safe and secure housing for your equipment.

• Telecommunications and traffic systems
Telephone, cable, internet, digital television, things that are taken for granted. But a guaranteed operation of this equipment is not obvious. For a flawless and safe conduct of these electronic processes we produce solid and reliable outdoor enclosures.

• Energy
Electricity can be found everywhere. On the street, at home, at your sports club or office. For safe, especially continuous smooth operation of the energy needed high quality outdoor enclosures. We have years of experience in the delivery of both standard and custom made cabinets outside the energy sector.

• Electrical
Electronic equipment is used for many things. Property management, public lighting, alarm systems. Safe housing ensures a long work of this important equipment under any circumstances.

What is the IP value?

IP stands for Ingress Protection. The first number is a measure of protection against the ingress of dust, the second rate is a measure for being waterproof.

Our enclosuresor IP43 (splash proof) or IP55 (splashproof).

Why two compartments?

Sometimes a enclosures with two compartments is performed. A link to the operating system and an energy fund for energy connection


A good climate in outddo enclosures extends component life. The heat generated by some components in a enclosures can have major consequences for (sensitive) parts of the plant. Not only the high temperature is a culprit, even things like cold temperatures, humidity and temperature variations deserve close monitoring.

Staka has a program for calculating the required climate control in the enclosures. Staka offers numerous options serving climate, focusing on several factors. Ask your heat calculation with one of our consultants.

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